• Although some might think I am prejudice in my admiration of Dr. Gila Jedwab, I am sure none of her patients can question my high opinion of her, both as a dentist and as a person. Her standard of quality is felt as soon as you enter her beautifully decorated office and continues with the professionalism of her staff. She is a dentist who is both compassionate and does the best job with the finest technology of any dentist in the Five Towns. I know Dr. Jedwab genuinely cares for each of her patients and understands them, helping to eliminate any fears they might have about going to a dentist. On a personal note, Dr. Jedwab is one of the kindest people I know, who quietly goes out of her way to help others on both a personal and professional level. It is no wonder that I am so proud to be related to her!

    - Marilyn J.
  • Never has dentistry been so much fun!
    - Asher E.
  • For as long as I can remember I detested going to a dentist office- just walking past one made me anxious. I was really in desperate need of major work done and while having a conversation with a highly respected friend and mentor- I was told about Dr. Jedwab.

    When I finally made it to the front door of the office without going in- I took a deep breath and said to myself-ok- her goes. Upon walking into the office I was met by Rifky Robinson- the receptionist- a warm and friendly and gracious individual who makes one feel at ease as soon as you walk in- I was taken by the décor and ambience and the music. The office accommodates wheelchair accessible patients with a state of the are rest room. Theres a coffee machine with all types of teas and coffees and water and granola bars for the patients- and wonderful reading material- I found myself actually looking forward to this experience.

    I can not begin to tell you how taken I was and am with Dr. Jedwab and her assistant  Anna. Their dental skill is unmatched. Their energy  gentle and kind and nurturing. It’s the type of atmosphere that you don’t want to leave. I’m looking so forward to my next appointment. Drill away Dr. Jedwab, drill away.

    - Batya T.
  • “ Mommy  where have you been hiding her (Dr. Jedwab) all my life!”
    - Tzvi B. (12 Years Old)
  • Trust and complete faith. These are what Dr. Jedwab inspires in me rearding her expertise and what I have personally experienced at its end results. After years (years!) of oral surgeries and being treated by a multitude of Orthodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, (and those Oral Surgeons!) I know whereof I speak. Dr. Jedwab and Anna are definitely first class!

    - Devora R.
  • Dr. Gila Jedwab is a caring, compassionate and amazing dentist. She has unbelievable patience with my three year old who can be difficult sometimes. I truly feel she cares about me and my family. Her new office is beautifully designed. I travel a half hour to see her because she is worth it.
    - Kim M.
  • Dr. Jedwab put a smile back on my face! I was always so self conscious when I smiled because my teeth really needed some major “cosmetic” work done on them. Once I decided it was time for me to do something for me, I regretted not having had this work done much sooner.

    I had always been very nervous, almost afraid, to go to the dentist because of some very bad past experiences, but when I came to Dr. Jedwab's office, they put my nerves at ease. I’m not saying I look forward to going to the dentist now, but I certainly don’t shy away from going because I know they truly care about their patients. I am very grateful to Dr. Jedwab and highly recommend her.

    - Mark G.
  • Dr. Jedwab was recommended by my dentist of 7 years who had relocate to another state. Being a patient who can work herself up to a tizzy, I find Dr. Jedwab is very patient with me and knows how to give a gently Novocaine shot –plus my new crown looks great, just like my own teeth.

  • My Night Guard is fantastic. The perfect and I mean perfect fit has meant better sleep, and my morning jaw and tooth soreness are practically nonexistent. As Anna pointed out, it doesn’t float around in your mouth, as I had noticed to be the case with the over-the-counter or sport versions. And, as Dr. Jedwab said, it’s proven to be great preventative medicine for us teeth grinders.

    Anna took the impression and Dr. Jedwab did the fitting. What a team.

    - Menachim S
  • When I was referred to Dr. Jedwab I didn't have a clue as to what to expect or the possibilities that were later presented to me. However, I knew I always wanted a smile that was lovely yet natural! Prior to starting the actual procedures I met with Dr. Jedwab to discuss in detail the corrections and changes I wanted to achieve, at which time she offered suggestions and options that would enhance each problem area I addressed. I was also provided a detailed list of the charges associated with each procedure along with a timeline. By this time the partnership towards building a better smile while correcting necessary changes had started and we were on our way…

    Needless to say, I immediately felt very comfortable with Dr. Jedwab and the entire staff! I was also amazed at the low level of discomfort with such extensive work that was needed to achieve my new look! I can truly say that I have the smile I’ve always wanted and my teeth are beyond Lovely yet very Natural! The more compliments I receive, the more I smile and the more compliments I receive….

    I can’t say enough about how Dr. Jedwab has enhanced my life and I will always be grateful for her services and that referral that started this process!

    - Orly B.
  • In the past I have found that other dentists have not been able to attend to my needs, but Dr. Jedwab and all her staff are the most caring, sweet, and sensitive people.  
  • I traveled 6000 miles from Israel to see Dr. Jedwab..she is the best!

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